(An old Scots word meaning Heritage)


Buchan’s cultural heritage in song, music and verse .


The first Heirskip was compiled to commemorate the year of activities by the Buchan Heritage Society and to launch the ’’FESTIVAL of STRICHEN’’ near Mormond Hill, in the heartland of Buchan. The magazine was such a success that it was decided to make it an annual publication, over the years  there have been a number of Editors.  See archives


Present Editor Margaret Gordon,


The contents still reflect the Festival Events and Results plus our yearly meetings, and gives local writers and poets the chance to see their work in print. These are mostly in the Doric,  however an article written in English is also welcomed if it is relevant to our reader.


As you read earlier we publish our competition winner’s work and other relevant articles about the area and we would be delighted to hear from anyone, in any part of the world, who has a story to tell or a photograph to illustrate an event with a Buchan connection.


Heirskip is published every April and costs £5.00 plus P&P .


In 2005, to celebrate our 20th birthday, we published an extra book which contains extracts form the first 10 years of Heirskip, the title.
“DINNA TINE’T” (our motto).


Heirskip continues to be published annually and we would be delighted with any material you think our readers would enjoy simply e-mail our present Editor.




CD of Poetry by John C Milne


“The Buchan Heritage Society” produced  a  CD which is a compilation of the poetry of John C Milne of Memsie from his books “The Orra Loon” and “Poems by John C Milne” narrated or sung in the Doric  by North East artists and entitled “O For Friday Nicht”. The CD is available from all committee members  at a cost of £6.00 or by post from the Society  at £6.00 +p&p. If you click on the thumbnails you will be able to listen to snippets from the CD.


The Orra Loon (song)



The Orra Loon (poem)



Tempora Mutantur



There’s a Farmer That I Ken O’